Beginners Guide On How To Brood Broilers

Beginners Guide On How To Brood Broilers

Beginners Guide On How To Brood Broilers

This article is aimed at teaching beginners who wants to start breeding broilers on how to start this business from scratch.

Follow this thread if you’re interested, add your own experience if you are an expert in this business.

Items bought to start the busines

1 Atleast one cartons of agrited broilers
2 charcoal pit
3 feed
4 Feeder(6) & drinker(5)
5 1 bag of charcoal
6 1 and half divider board
7 kerosene lamps(2)
8 drugs (glucose, vitamin, antibiotics)
9 iron net for covering pit (2)
10 old newspapers

Day 1

When the birds arrived, put the newspapers on the floor and give them glucose water to drink for strength using the drinker you bought

After about 10 minutes, throw some feed on the floor for them to snack on.

10 minutes later, put food in their feeder and give them to eat.

In the night make sure you heat their house with charcoal [Charcoal pit] and lighted it up with the kerosene lamps till day break remember they are babies. (Use electric bulb in their house if you have if not use the lamp).

Subsequent Days

Keep a close eye on them, observe their shits, know when it is watery or stony.

Changed their drinking water and give them vitamins + antibiotics. One spoon each in two full drinkers.
Keep their house clean.
separate them as they increase to give them free space.
As babies, start with giving them feed called starter, until they grown to each bigger structures of the feeds.

Lastly always ask questions and seek advice from experts

Beginners Guide On How To Brood Broilers


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