Men’s packaging to deceive women to marriage

Men's packaging to deceive women to marriage

Men’s packaging to deceive women to marriage

As I am writing this, my friend’s sister is considering divorce just after 5 months of marriage. She recently learnt that her husband is a serial debtor- a specialist in borrow-posing (borrowing things and acting as if you own them).

The husband in question is from a rich family but he spends money recklessly and borrows recklessly. His family was covering up for him and she thought that the man is responsible.

Men's packaging to deceive women to marriage

The point is that the woman (my friend’s sister) was fooled by her husband’s rich family and big house in Lekki. The family has a house in Lekki while the man rents in Ibeju Lekki.

But can we only blame the man? If my friend’s sister was wise enough to do investigation into the man she was marrying, she would not have married him. She saw a rich family and didnt ask questions. The man does not really have a job. He just helps to manage the family’s properties. The man also parties like a wild animal. But because he spends on her, she believed that he was a “big boy”

Now, the reality has set- loan apps and police have come looking for the husband at their apartment. The wife is getting different threatening phone calls and the husband quickly ran to the village to chill.

Please, for any woman that is going to get married, please do your proper investigation.
-Is your husband to be financially responsible (does he have a steady job or business?)
-Does your husband to be flirt with other girls or have cheating spirit?
-Is he a wife beater?
-Is he respected in his own family?

Open your eyes. Ask questions and be careful. Marriage is not a joke. My friend’s sister is depressed today because she was carried away by greed and didnt look into her husband.



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