See the Numbers of People Killed as Cultists Clash on 7/7 Day


See the Numbers of People Killed as Cultists Clash on 7/7 Day


At least nine individuals have been reported dead following clashes among cult gangs coinciding with the 7/7 celebration by one of Nigeria’s notorious cult groups. While Daily Trust could not independently confirm the exact death toll, sources indicate that the fatalities occurred predominantly in southern Nigeria on Sunday and Monday, despite ongoing police crackdowns on suspected groups.


The 7/7 celebration is an annual event for these cult groups, marked by secret initiations and violent supremacy battles.


Incidents in Lagos


In Lagos, a violent confrontation between rival cult gangs in the Ijanikin area on Sunday resulted in one death and multiple injuries. Members of the Neo-Black Movement (NBM), also known as Aiye, were allegedly celebrating their anniversary, causing widespread tension across the metropolis.


A source reported that a man, identified as Hitman, was killed near the Ijanikin police station around 8:45 PM on Sunday. He was ambushed by rival cult members while heading to join his group. Additionally, several other individuals sustained injuries in different parts of the state.


Fatalities in Abia, Akwa Ibom, and Anambra


In Abia, Nonso Ewuzie, a former chairman of Aye, was killed by a joint task force security team. In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Peter Ekpeowo was reportedly killed by alleged Aye members. An Aye member known as Apparatus was allegedly killed by a rival group in Amikwo, Anambra. Another individual, Odinaka, reportedly affiliated with Aye, was also killed by a rival group in Awka.


Escalating Violence in Imo


Imo State witnessed a heightened security alert due to clashes between Aye and Vikings cults. A member of a rival group was shot dead on MCC road, and three suspected cultists were earlier shot dead near Imo State University (IMSU). Following these incidents, IMSU advised students to avoid crowded gatherings. The state police command, led by Commissioner of Police Aboki Danjuma, deployed a special squad to monitor urban and rural areas for cult activities.


Arrests and Police Actions in Kwara


In Kwara State, a joint patrol by the police command and the state community policing advisory council resulted in the detention of over 30 suspects from various hotspots. These individuals were later screened and released. While the state police command reported no arrests, the community policing initiative confirmed the detentions. Increased police surveillance was observed, with officers conducting searches on motorists, especially those with suspicious occupants.


Continued Operations


Two people were killed by rival gangs a few days before the 7/7 celebration, further escalating tensions. Police spokeswoman Toun Ejire-Adeyemi stated on Monday evening that no arrests had been made regarding the special operation, which commenced on Sunday and is set to continue throughout the week.


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