Video: Wike Dances to Flavour’s “Big Baller” Song


Video: Wike Dances to Flavour’s “Big Baller” Song

Nyesom Wike, FCT Minister


In a recent public appearance, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), was seen enjoying himself as he danced to Flavour’s popular hit, “Big Baller.” The sight of the minister dancing to the vibrant Afrobeat track has captured the attention of many, showcasing a lighter side of the prominent political figure.


Wike’s dance moves were met with cheers and applause from the audience, highlighting the infectious appeal of the song and the minister’s willingness to engage with the public in a more relaxed and entertaining manner. This moment of levity provided a refreshing contrast to the often serious and formal nature of political events.

Wike dance steps

Flavour, known for his energetic performances and catchy tunes, has a significant following both within Nigeria and internationally. “Big Baller,” one of his well-loved tracks, features upbeat rhythms and lively lyrics that resonate with fans across different demographics.


Wike’s impromptu dance to “Big Baller” not only underscores his connection to contemporary Nigerian culture but also demonstrates the unifying power of music. In a time when political tensions can run high, such moments of shared enjoyment remind us of the common joys that bring people together.


This event serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural engagement and the role of public figures in connecting with the populace beyond their official duties. Wike’s display of dance moves to Flavour’s hit song is a testament to the enduring influence of Afrobeat music and its ability to bridge gaps and foster a sense of community.


Overall, Wike’s dance to “Big Baller” by Flavour has become a memorable highlight, illustrating the lighter, more personable side of political leaders and the universal language of music that transcends barriers.


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