Why My Husband TINUBU, Won’t Be Distracted By Current Challenges – Oluremi Tinubu


Why My Husband TINUBU, Won’t Be Distracted By Current Challenges – Oluremi Tinubu

Oluremi Tinubu


Amid the challenges facing the nation, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the First Lady, has reassured Nigerians of President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to bringing solace to the vulnerable and reinforcing national unity.


Speaking at the inauguration of the new executives for the Women’s Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (WOWICAN) in Abuja over the weekend, the First Lady expressed her husband’s dedication to alleviating hunger, anger, and division within the nation, while also strengthening Nigeria’s identity under divine guidance.


Represented by Mrs. Dayo Benjamin-Olaniyi, the FCT Mandate Secretary for Women Affairs, Mrs. Tinubu emphasized the importance of the ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda in establishing a humanitarian connection to the elderly, women, and the girl child, and enriching the broader community.


She said, “Our responsibility is to instil hope, comfort, and love, bringing smiles and laughter, and to remain undistracted by inevitable challenges.


“In leadership, challenges will arise, but our focus should remain on our mission, which is to uplift others and provide them with hope and joy.”

Transitioning to the significance of unity and empowerment among women, she noted that the President’s message is one of hope, comfort, and connection, particularly urging women to see themselves as unifiers


“Empowerment requires reaching every community, not necessarily through activism but through humanitarian advocacy.


“We should view ourselves as agents of healing for our nation, serving not only as nurturers but also as healers of divisions.”



Solidifying this sentiment, Pastor Mrs. Tokunbo Oke, wife of the PFN President, Bishop Wale Oke, highlighted the spiritual aspect of empowerment.



According to her, empowerment through the Holy Spirit can foster an impact that transcends any administration or title.


She further called on women to serve as agents of healing, instilling hope, comfort, and love across the nation.


Rev. Dean Nicodemus Ozumba, the National Director for Education, Youth, and Women Development of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) also provided encouraging words.


He emphasized the role of women as nation builders and called for unity and engagement in entrepreneurship, agriculture, and other economic ventures to support the nation’s prosperity.

While highlighting the vital role of women in nation-building and the need for unity and self-reliance to support the economy, he said: “Women are nation builders. Without women, we know that the nation can never be built. So my call for women is for unity. Let us unite ourselves and expand the space so that many opportunities can continue to work for Christians in Nigeria.


“Women must be engaged in entrepreneurship, women must be up and doing, engaged in other aspects of the economy such as agriculture, business ventures, and arts and crafts.


“We need to put up whatever we can do to support the economy so that we have food on our table. If we are waiting for the government, the government alone cannot do it. So we also must be part of the movement.


“What we are passing through in this nation is for our good; before the glory, the pain must come. And I believe that by the grace of God, Nigeria will be better.”

Dr. (Mrs) Elizabeth Akinadewo, the newly inaugurated WOWICAN Chairperson, showed great enthusiasm for the task ahead.


“I know it’s a lot of work, but it makes me happy that the Lord is going to use me to touch women’s lives,” she expressed.

Dr. Akinadewo outlined the organization’s commitment to empowering Christian women through skill acquisition, training, and financial support.

As the event marked the International Women’s Day celebration, Mrs. Akinadewo emphasized the theme of unity and the impact of Christian women across denominations working together as one.

“When you see us, you will not know which church we are coming from. We are one, and as Jesus prayed ‘that all may be one,’ we strive to fulfill this so that we all may be one.

“The Lord is going to use me to touch women’s lives because we are called to give succor to those who are oppressed, helping them out of their misery, giving voice to the voiceless, and empowering women by making them have good skills to work with,” Dr. Akinadewo said in her remarks.

The inauguration ceremony, which celebrated the commencement of new leadership and acknowledged the contributions of past executives, was a beacon of hope and a call to action for women across Nigeria.



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