72-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Life for Raping 7-Year-Old Girl


72-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Life for Raping 7-Year-Old Girl

A Lagos State Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court has sentenced 72-year-old David Jackson to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting his neighbor’s 7-year-old daughter. His name will be entered into the Sexual Offenders Register maintained by Lagos State.


Justice Abiola Soladoye delivered the verdict, stating that the prosecution successfully proved the three elements of the crime against Jackson. The court heard that the survivor was seven years old at the time of the assault and identified Jackson, a gateman, during her testimony at age eight.


The prosecutor revealed that the crime occurred on May 16, 2022, at Oyedele Close, Ojodu Berger, Lagos. The judge recounted that on the day of the incident, the survivor was sent on an errand by her brother and was dragged into Jackson’s room, where he covered her mouth with a handkerchief when she screamed.


The survivor’s testimony was deemed clear and consistent under cross-examination. A teacher, serving as the second prosecution witness, testified that the survivor appeared unwell and walked awkwardly, which led to the discovery of the assault.


Justice Soladoye noted that the teacher reported the case after the survivor’s parents did not respond. The survivor was referred to the Mirabel Medical Centre in Ikeja, and a medical report was submitted to the police. The court found the survivor’s father’s testimony credible and corroborated by other witnesses.


Despite Jackson’s attempts to deny the charges, the judge concluded that the prosecution’s evidence was compelling. The court ruled that the survivor, being a minor, could not consent to the sexual act. Jackson was found guilty under Section 137 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State 2015 and sentenced to life imprisonment.


The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency emphasized the state’s zero-tolerance policy towards sexual violence, encouraging survivors to seek help and ensuring perpetrators are held accountable. The agency urged the public to report cases of domestic or sexual violence through their toll-free line,

08000 333 333.


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