Alleged Plot To Remove Tinubu: Arewa Leader’s Declare Their Position to Unseat President Tinubu


Alleged Plot To Remove Tinubu: Arewa Leader’s Declare Their Position to Unseat President Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu

Despite alleged attempts by some northern elites to unseat him, President Bola Tinubu has secured the support of Arewa leaders just a year into his presidency. Reports suggest that these elites are dissatisfied with Tinubu’s governance and have engaged in power plays to challenge his position.


In recent weeks, rumors have circulated about northern political elites plotting to remove President Tinubu due to the country’s current economic challenges. However, former lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani has publicly opposed this alleged scheme, urging northern leaders to give Tinubu sufficient time to address Nigeria’s economic issues.


Senator Sani criticized former President Buhari for exacerbating poverty and insecurity in the North during his eight-year tenure. He emphasized that Tinubu, a southerner, has only been in power for a year, making it premature for the northern elite to seek his removal.


Arewa Young Leaders Forum Backs Tinubu


Similarly, the Arewa Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) has expressed its strong support for President Tinubu and the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Prof. Joseph Terlumun Utsev. In a statement from its President, Alhaji Mohammed Sanusi, the group commended the Minister’s efforts and innovations aimed at improving the lives of citizens, particularly in the northern region.


Sanusi praised Minister Utsev for his swift action in developing surface and groundwater resources to foster socio-economic growth, aiding President Tinubu’s goal of ensuring water accessibility and food security for all citizens.


“We are pleased to express our unwavering support for President Tinubu and Minister Utsev’s initiative to tackle the long-standing issue of inadequate access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in our country,” Sanusi stated. He highlighted the Minister’s ‘Clean Nigeria; Use the Toilet’ campaign as a commendable effort that aligns with international best practices for promoting the well-being and development of young people in the northern region.


Sanusi also pointed out the concerning statistics showing that millions of Nigerians lack proper access to clean water, resulting in significant GDP losses and the spread of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid. Despite these challenges, he remains optimistic that the government’s decisive actions will achieve complete open defecation-free status by 2025, significantly enhancing the quality of life for citizens, especially in areas with limited access to clean water.


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