Being Introverted, not a mental sickness, shyness or withdrawal

Being Introverted, not a mental sickness, shyness or withdrawal

Being Introverted, not a mental sickness, shyness or withdrawal

Introvert originated from Latin intro- , “inward,” and vertere , “turning.” It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally. Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone.

Introversion is at its root a type of temperament. It is not the same as shyness or having a withdrawn personality, and it is not pathological. It is also not something you can change. But you can learn to work with it, not against it.

Introvert Facts

• 75 percent of the world is extroverted.

• Being introverted affects all areas of your life.

• Nothing is wrong with you.

• Introverts feel drained and overstimulated.

• Being introverted is something to be celebrated.

Common Introversion Traits

Introversion is marked by a number of sub-traits:

1. Very self-aware

2. Thoughtful

3. Enjoys understanding details

4. Interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding

5. Tends to keep emotions private

6. Quiet and reserved in large groups or around unfamiliar people

7. More sociable and gregarious around people they know well

8. Learns well through observation.

Introverts Library

1. Quiet by Susan Cain

2. Success as an Introvert for Dummies by Joan Pastor

3. Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe, PhD

4. Introverts in Love by Sophia Dembling

5. The Awakened Introvert by Arnie Kozak

6. The Irresistible Introvert by Michaela Chung

7. Quiet Influence by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD

8. The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.

9. The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow

10. Quiet Power: The Secret Strength of Introverted Kids by Susan Cain

11. Introvert Doodles by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson

Quiet people are often found to have profound insights.
The shallow water in a brook or river runs fast:
The deep water seems calmer.



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