British woman sentenced to death for k1lling husband over £2m

British woman sentenced to death for k1lling husband over £2m

British woman sentenced to death for k1lling husband over £2m

A British woman, Ramandeep Kaur Mann has been sentenced to d£ath by hanging in India over the death of her husband.

According to Mirror UK, Kaur Mann was sentenced by a court in India for the murder of Sukhjeet Singh.

The court in India heard how Kaur Mann had poisoned her family before slitting her husband’s throat on September 2, 2016, in order to inherit £2 million from his life insurance.

Her accomplice Gurpreet Singh was sentenced to life in prison.

The eyewitness testimony of the victim’s nine-year-old son was said to have been crucial in securing a conviction against the woman, who is a British national.

The report said she returned from a month-long family holiday to Sukhjeet’s hometown of Shahjahanpur when she carried out a plan to kill her husband, whom she had been with for 11 years.

She carried out the heinous act by poisoning a meal given to several members of the family, but her eldest son did not eat it.

On the morning of September 2, 2016, Sukhjeet’s body was found lying dead on the first floor of the house, where he was sleeping with his family.

Sukhjeet’s mother Vansh Kaur was sleeping on the ground floor of the house, the report said.

Murder charges were brought against Kaur Mann and Gurpreet, and the police discovered during their investigation that both killers were in a relationship.

The court found them guilty of murder and the offence of criminal acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention.

A judge described the case on Saturday, October 14 as the “rarest of rare” and said, “Not only Sukhjeet was murdered but the remaining years of an elderly widow was killed, the childhood as well as the youth of two minor children was exterminated. The children have lost the happiness which they had when their father was alive.”

Reacting to the verdict, Sukhjeet’s mother told reporters outside the court that she was pleased her son’s killer had been given capital punishment.

She said: “I feel relieved. My prayers were answered and I got what I was expecting from the court. I was demanding capital punishment for Ramandeep so that no mother’s child dies like this.”


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