G20: President Tinubu Begins Meeting With Indian Investor

G20: President Tinubu Begins Meeting With Indian Investor

G20: President Tinubu Begins Meeting With Indian Investor

President Bola Tinubu has started a meeting with an investor in India as part of his official visit to the country ahead of the G20 Summit on Saturday and Sunday, FCGs reports

FCGs learnt from a statement by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, on Tuesday in Abuja, that the president entered the meeting immediately on arrival after a 15 hours long intercontinental journey.

The president met with Mr Prakash Hinduja, Chairman and CEO of the Hinduja Group of Companies, a conglomerate with a total asset portfolio exceeding 100 billion U.S. Dollars.

The president received the industrialist within 90 minutes of the his arrival in India.

Accompanied by Nigeria’s Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Industry, Trade and Investment, Tinubu said he was in India with a focus to better the Nigeria’s economic fortunes.

He said that Nigeria intends to attract investments with lucrative opportunities, jobs for its citizens and new revenue opportunities for the federal and sub-national governments.

“We are here for business. I am here to personally assure our friends and investors that there is no bottleneck that I will not break. Nigeria will become one of the most conducive places on earth to make good profits and create lasting jobs.

‘’With my support, there is nothing standing in your way of enjoying the unrivaled opportunities presented by our massive market and the ingenious, and hardworking nature of the Nigerian people. We are open for business,” the president said.

The Hinduja Group chairman told the president that he was a living witness to his landmark effort as Governor of Lagos in turning a coastal erosion and water encroachment crisis into a massive free trade zone where industry now thrives.

This, he said, was partially responsible for his excitement to partner with the Nigeria’s new president to create a win-win prosperity for Nigeria’s talented population.

“We believe in you as a leader who has done this before. You know what the challenges are. You know how to fix them.

”We are going to make investments into the billions of dollars under your leadership, because we see you are already addressing the systemic problems. I am ready now to sign an MoU and to begin execution.

”You tell me who to liaise with, and we will get to work immediately, particularly with respect to bus and automobile manufacturing in Nigeria, amongst other areas.

”I have had paperwork stalled in Nigerian bureaucracy for over one year, especially in FCT.

”But I knew that you would be purpose driven in this endeavour and God will help you to turn Nigeria’s rich promise into rich reality for all of its citizens,” Hinduja said.

The president directed thus: “Ministers of Trade and Finance, the two of you will follow this up immediately, and you will draw up the terms to the satisfaction of both parties.

”If there are any issues at all that require my intervention, they must be brought to my attention immediately.”

After the president assigned the task of concluding the agreement to the two ministers in collaboration with Hinduja Group Executives, who were present in the room.

The president concluded that his task of making Nigeria great could only be achieved through teamwork and not in isolation.

He added that when his investors are happy, Nigerians would rejoice by partaking in an inclusive economy where hard work is rewarded and excellence becomes the reputation of the nation.(NAN)


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