How N7bn is lost to fire in three months, says Lagos Fire Service


How N7bn is lost to fire in three months, says Lagos Fire Service

Fire Service

The Lagos State Fire Service has revealed that no fewer than 16 lives and property estimated at N7bn were lost to fire outbreaks between January and March 2024.


The Director of Public Affairs of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, Amodu Shakiru disclosed this in an interview with SUNDAY FIRST CLASS GISTS


Shakiru, however, explained in a document sent to our reporter that 84 victims were rescued alive while assets and property worth 42bn were recovered.


The document read, “N7bn estimated worth of property lost to fire disasters while another estimated 42bn worth of assets were recovered. Eigthy-four victims rescued alive while 16 others lost their lives

The Lagos fire service spokesman also refuted speculations that many of the reported incidents might be linked to the heat wave bringing discomfort to so many homes.


“The fact of the matter is that the heat wave you mentioned doesn’t really cause fire. But it can aggravate it. It is just like in the case of harmattan, which we experienced in the whole of January.


“There is also a general belief that harmattan period also fuels some fire outbreaks. That is far from the truth. Harmattan too doesn’t cause fire. But it can help spread sporadically.


There are three major materials that cause fire. One is the oxygen we breathe, which is always readily available. The other is fuel. I am talking about anything within our surrounding that can burn.”


His position was also shared by a Lagos-based safety consultant, Alex Imegu.


Imegu told our correspondent that the failure of Nigerians to adhere strictly to safety standards in their homes, markets and offices was responsible for the frequent fire outbreak in the country.


He said, “If you have a company that is worth $5m and need only N10,000 to protect it, why can’t you just do that? Whether there is economic hardship or not, there should be a premium safety status like FirePro aerosol technology you must place on such infrastructure. In safety, you think about the risk first and it is vital to give safety top priority.”


In a related development, the Managing of Crown Safemasters Nigeria Limited, Joel Onuaga, said it was regrettable that many Nigerians hardly pay attention to little details like switching off of all lights and electrical switches before leaving their homes and offices.


Onuaga spoke to our correspondent at a fire suppression sensitisation seminar organised for Nigerian engineers by FirePro Technology in partnership with his firm in Abuja.


He said, “Many cars running on Nigerian roads today don’t have a fire extinguisher. Even some of the commercial drivers only buy them just to show road safety officials or vehicle inspection officers that they are complying with their rules. We need to start training people on these simple basic of road safety awareness.”


The keynote speaker, Cyprus-based George Michael, also advised Nigerians, especially key business owners and public office holders to invest in cars with high-tech fire suppression devices.


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