How one can control one’s incessant $3xual lust

How one can control one's incessant $3xual lust

How one can control one’s incessant $3xual lust

N*dity not doubt played a significant role in the rise of $3xual lust to its present alarming level in the society, which calls for serious concern, the fact that there was 0% $3xual l*st at the point there was 100% n#dity (in the beginning), proves this is not just about n#dity but has to do with the mentality.

Genesis 2:25 (KJV)

And they were both n@ked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

That’s why in some societies where the people were usually partly or totally n#de as it was in the beginning, there were yet hardly cases of r@pes and $3×ual abuses being recorded or reported there, because it’s not necessarily about nudity but the mentality, as the level of $3xual lust in such societies had not spiralled to the point where it is out of control.

However in some societies where people were usually fully clothed, such atrocities were yet more frequent, to prove it is not necessarily about n*d1ty but the mentality, as the average level of $3xual lust in such societies is higher, hence the higher rates of such sexually related atrocities in the society.

Imagine where an adult will r@pe a baby or little child.

It would be most absurd to blame n*dity for such madness.

It’s the mentality. S3*ual lust has risen to the point where it’s makes people lose their sanity and humanity, and drives them (crazy) to do the most unimaginable and despicable things, which they often regret after the deed has been done.

So that should be our major concern if we really want to address this societal menace – how to reduce the level of $3xual lust in the society.

To do this, those responsible for the growth, multiplication, and spread of lust in the society were going to have a major role to play.

They must henceforth desist from such activities which contribute to the rise of the level of $3xual lust and moral decadence in the society, since it is causing much more damage than whatever good they may think they were profiting from it.

This includes those in the p0rn industry, those in music industry who deliberately promote $3xual lust via their music(both audio and videos), those in the movie industry who do same via their movies, those who dress $3xy to seduce others, also those who glorify $3*ual lust by pinning the blame of $3xually related atrocities, as r@pes, on n*dity instead those who commit such atrocious acts etc.

If they however choose to persist, whenever they get to hear the heartbreaking news of such atrocities being commited these days, as when a little child or baby was being raped or $3xually abused etc., they should feel very proud of themselves and pat themselves in the back for the job they’ve proudly done, because that is a consequence of the growth, multiplication, and spread of $3xual lust which they promote.


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