Israeli Airstrike Kills 29 at Gaza Displacement Camp


Israeli Airstrike Kills 29 at Gaza Displacement Camp

Hospital officials report that an Israeli airstrike has killed at least 29 Palestinians and wounded dozens more at a displacement camp near a school in southern Gaza. The strike hit next to the gate of al-Awda school in Abasan al-Kabira, a town east of Khan Younis, according to Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry.

The Israeli military stated that the airstrike targeted a member of Hamas’ military wing involved in the October 7 attack on Israel, using “precise munition.” They are investigating reports of civilian casualties near al-Awda school, which shelters people displaced from eastern Khan Younis.


This tragic event follows an evacuation order issued by the Israeli military, leading tens of thousands to flee Abasan al-Kabira and surrounding areas. Witnesses described the area as crowded with displaced people at the time of the strike, recounting the devastating aftermath, including numerous casualties among women and children.


Eyewitnesses reported scenes of widespread destruction and injury. Ayman Al-Dahma, a local resident, said up to 3,000 people were in the area, including a market and residential buildings, when the rocket struck. He described the sight of severed limbs and the chaos that ensued.


Mohamed Awadeh Anzeh, another witness, recalled the sudden impact while feeding his child, resulting in injury and a terrifying scene of blood and debris. Iqram Sallout noted the lack of warning before the strike and the severe injuries among the densely packed displaced population.


Footage from a local hospital showed numerous dead and seriously injured individuals, including children. Sources at Nasser hospital in Khan Younis expect the death toll to rise. This incident marks the fourth attack on or near schools sheltering displaced people within the past four days.


The Israeli military has justified previous strikes by citing the use of such sites by Hamas for military purposes. Recent attacks include a strike on a UN-run school in Nuseirat, killing 16, a strike on a church-run school in Gaza City that killed a senior Hamas official and others, and a strike on another UN-run school in Nuseirat wounding several.


The current conflict began with a massive Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7, resulting in approximately 1,200 Israeli deaths and 251 hostages taken. Since then, over 38,240 people have been killed in Gaza, as reported by the Hamas-run health ministry.


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