Mike Ejeagha, The Father Of Igbo Folklore Music

Mike Ejeagha, The Father Of Igbo Folklore Music

Mike Ejeagha, The Father Of Igbo Folklore Music

Mike Ejeagha is a Nigerian folklorist, songwriter, and musician from Enugu State, Nigeria. Ejeagha started his career in music in the mid-20th century. Also known as Gentleman, Ejeagha has been influential in the evolution of music in the Igbo language for over 6 decades. His first hit was in 1960 – the year of Nigeria’s independence.

Ejeagha is a renowned Igbo folklore musician with over 37 Albums and five singles to his credit. His 1960 song “Ofu nwa anaa” shot him to fame. He hails from Imezi-Owa in Ezeagu LGA of Enugu state.

Ejeagha brought honor, glory and majesty to Ndi Igbo and kept the ancient ways of our ancestors alive through his folklore music. Mike Ejeagha is regarded as the father of Igbo folklore music.

In Igbo land, due to his trademark of telling long stories in his music, you would be told “Akụkọ Mike Ejeagha” to a long story.

There is every reason to celebrate Highlife maestro, Mike Ejeagha, the man who turns folklore and proverbs to sweet music, maintains his integrity and leaves listeners filled with much respect for culture. At 93, wisdom is still flowing from his fountain.

With about 350 recordings at the National Archives, Ejeagha has 33 albums to his name. He was certified by the University of Nigeria Nsukka and reawakened by the duo of Amarachi Atammah and Charles Ogbu. There is a documentary, Gentleman, by Michael Ike. Mike Ijeagha lost his first wife in 1963, remarried in 1966 and has nine surviving children.

Ejeagha marked his 93rd Birthday in August…



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