The strange bird called ‘Pelican’

The strange bird called ‘Pelican’

The strange bird called ‘Pelican’

There is a popular legend of a strange bird called the pelican.
According to the myth, the pelican bird during famine, will pierce its own chest with her beak and feed her young with her blood. Consequently, the mother bird bleeds to death so that her offspring will live.

The Pelican bird has become the symbol of selflessness and sacrifice. Her action is similar to what Christ did for humanity. By shedding his blood, he gave us life and salvation.

Next to the love of God is a mother’s love for her child. No matter what a woman achieves in life, her joy remains incomplete when any of her children is lagging behind.

About this time last year, I experienced a very tragic event. My greatest fear at that time was how to mention it to my mum. When I finally summoned the courage to tell her, she became more worried than I was. It was as if my pain was hers. She was cut deep into the inner chambers of her soul. This is the signature of all mothers.

Our mothers shed blood for us to be where we are today. There are blood dripping out from the heart of those housekeepers. There are groaning and utterances that remain unquenched.

“A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted because they are no more.”
-Mathew 2:18

Dear young fellow, for the sake of Mama, don’t do it. Before you give up, think home. Your life is more than what you make of it alone. Mama is counting on you to complete the joy of her womanhood. Don’t be the reason why that woman will strike her breast in pain and regret.

When you become the reason for the tears of your mother, you may have to pay for it with your entire life. No devotion can undo the hurt coming from the wounded heart of a mother.

I understand that, there are too many voices out there, giving all kinds of suggestions. While you listen to them compare those propositions to what Mama said. Her words will never be outdated.
Mama may be uneducated but there is something about age and experience that will always beat your modern assumptions.

If your mama is still alive, take care of her. Celebrate her. Few years from now, she may not be there again. You may build monuments to immortalize her but it will never take the place of the true respect you could have given to her while she is still alive. Why don’t you honour her today and balance her affliction?

My mother is the reason why I have not given up on certain things in life. She is the reason why I keep away from executing certain tendencies of my heart.

Before I embark on any major journey in my life, I usually go to my mum and kneel down before her and ask for her blessing. I believe that the prayer of a mother is more substantial than the motivation of friends.

The pelican bird dies for her young to be alive.
Imagine her pain if she saw her young, mocking her carcass. Then all her sacrifice would have been in vain.


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