National youth council of Nigeria calls on dangote cement plant ibese over turning itori – onigbedu- ibese road to a death zone


National youth council of Nigeria calls on dangote cement plant ibese over turning itori – onigbedu- ibese road to a death zone


The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has raised concerns regarding the hazardous conditions on the Itori-Onigbedu-Ibese road in Ewekoro LGA, primarily caused by improper parking of Dangote Cement’s heavy-duty trucks and the road’s deteriorating condition. These issues have led to numerous fatalities.

On June 5th, 2024, the NYCN’s Ewekoro Branch addressed these concerns in a letter to Dangote Cement, with two months issue notice, urging the company to repair the road and relocate their trucks to prevent further accidents. The letter, submitted to Dangote’s Head Office, demands that the repairs and relocations be completed within two months.


The letter, addressed to the Heads of Relations, Operations, and Safety Departments at Dangote Cement’s Ibese plant, outlines the following points:



Indiscriminate Parking:Long vehicles and trailers are frequently parked along the road, blocking traffic and causing safety hazards.

Road Damage:The road has significant potholes due to heavy vehicle traffic, posing dangers to motorists and disrupting traffic flow.

Diesel Spills: Trailers often refuel on the roadside, leading to hazardous spills.

Accidents: The area has seen frequent and severe accidents, resulting in loss of life and property.


Proposed Solutions:

Designated Parking Areas: Establish specific parking zones for long vehicles and trailers away from the main road.

Clear Signage: Install signs and markings to indicate these parking areas.

Enforce Regulations: Implement and enforce parking regulations to hold violators accountable.

Road Repairs: Promptly fill potholes and restore the road to ensure safe travel.

Designated Filling Stations: Create off-road refueling stations to prevent spills.

Staff Buses: Provide buses for staff commuting from local areas to reduce traffic and enhance safety.



Reduced Congestion: Improved traffic flow.

Enhanced Safety: Better safety for all road users, including Dangote staff and the local community.

Road Protection: Preservation of the road infrastructure.

Community Convenience: Easier travel for residents, businesses, and commuters.



The NYCN believes that Dangote Cement is committed to its corporate social responsibilities and values its relationship with the local community. The Council looks forward to immediate action and is open to further discussions. The requested improvements are expected to be completed within two months to demonstrate the company’s commitment to community safety and well-being.



National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ewekoro LG Branch


Copies Sent To:

– NYCN Ogun State Chapter

– MHR Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency

– OGHA Ewekoro State Constituents Representative

– Chairman Ewekoro Local Government

– NLC Ewekoro LG


– Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Itori Division

– Community, Youth, Women, and Social Development Ewekoro LG

– NSCDC Ewekoro LG

– FRSC Ewekoro LG

– TRACE Ewekoro LG

– Oba Dr. AbdulFatai Akorede Akamo, Olu-Nla of Itori Egba Land

– Oba Kayode Kusoro, Olu of Ag


– Oba Ajibulu, Onigbedu of Gbedu Land


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