Neighbor Kills Mother of Eight-Month-Old Twins Over Solar Light Debt


Neighbor Kills Mother of Eight-Month-Old Twins Over Solar Light Debt


Dauda Jolaosho, a fish farmer from Alako Nla village on Kobape Road, Abeokuta, has reported that his neighbor shot and killed his wife over an unpaid solar light debt.


Jolaosho, 44, alleged that his neighbor and friend, Saheed Olawale, a timber operator, shot both him and his wife. While Jolaosho survived with a gunshot wound to his arm, his wife died instantly.


Recalling the tragic event, Jolaosho said the incident occurred on Wednesday, April 2024, leaving him devastated. His wife left behind eight-month-old twins and three other children aged 13, 10, and 5.


He explained, “On April 23, 2024, the people we bought solar lights from came to my house. We purchased these solar lights last year in March, paying a deposit of N10,000 and then N1,150 weekly. The total cost was about N67,000. I have been making the payments regularly, and I only had N3,000 left to pay.


“When the solar light sellers visited, they said they needed to check on Olawale, also known as Komaye, because he had stopped making his payments and was unresponsive to their calls. They decided to take back his solar light and left a contact number for him to reach them.”


Jolaosho continued that when Olawale returned from work and found his solar light taken, he became furious and would not listen to any explanations. The next morning, April 24, Olawale came to Jolaosho’s house, took his phone, and left.


Jolaosho recounted, “Then I saw him returning with a local gun. My wife was on her knees begging him not to shoot, but he fired, hitting my arm. When I turned around, I found my wife of nearly 18 years in a pool of blood, dead.”


The incident was initially reported at Kemta police station in Abeokuta and later transferred to the Ogun State police command in Eleweran, Abeokuta. Jolaosho’s wife was buried on Tuesday in Alako Nla, Abeokuta.


Seeking justice for his wife, Jolaosho called on the Ogun State government and the public to help care for his five children.


Confirming the incident, CSP Wale Famobuwa, the Divisional Police Officer of Kemta, in a conference call with the spokesperson of the Ogun State police command, SP Omolola Odutola, said, “The incident was reported to our station between 12 and 2 PM on that day. We went to the crime scene and found that the husband of the deceased woman was involved in a fight with the alleged killer.


“He reportedly threatened to stone Olawale, who warned him not to and said he would shoot if stoned. Jolaosho went ahead and stoned Olawale, who then drew his gun and shot both Jolaosho and his wife, who was trying to intervene.”


The police added that Olawale was still at large and vowed to bring him to justice.


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