Putin Addresses Russians After Wagner Group Unsuccessful “Coup”

Putin Addresses Russians After Wagner Group Unsuccessful "Coup"

Putin Addresses Russians After Wagner Group Unsuccessful “Coup”

FCG reports that the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has thanked Russians for resisting planned coup by Wagner group and applauded their unity and patriotism

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin in an address.”

“I emphasize that from the very beginning of the events, the most necessary decisions were immediately taken to neutralize the threat that had arisen, to protect the constitutional order, the life and security of our citizens. An armed rebellion would have been suppressed in any case,” Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his address, suggested that the Wagner fighters conclude a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, return to relatives and friends, or leave for Belarus.

“I thank those soldiers and commanders of the Wagner group who made the only right decision – they did not commit fratricidal bloodshed, they stopped at the last line. Today you have the opportunity to continue serving Russia by signing a contract with the Ministry of Defense or other law enforcement agencies, or return to to their relatives and friends. Whoever wants to can go to Belarus. The promise I made will be fulfilled,” Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for his contribution to resolving the situation with an attempted rebellion in Russia.

“I am grateful to the President of Belarus Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko for his efforts and contribution to the peaceful resolution of the situation. But I repeat, it was the patriotic mood of the citizens, the consolidation of the entire Russian society that played a decisive role these days. This support allowed us to overcome the most difficult trials for our Motherland together. Thank you for this. Thank you,” Putin said during his address.

FCG learnt that on Saturday night in Rostov-on-Don, the headquarters of the Southern Military District was captured by the Wagner PMC. This happened against the backdrop of statements by Yevgeny Prigozhin about allegedly inflicted by the Russian Armed Forces missile and bomb attacks on the camps of PMC “Wagner” – this was refuted by both the Ministry of Defense and the FSB. A criminal case was opened against Prigozhin for organizing an armed rebellion. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the actions of the rebels a criminal adventure, a stab in the back of Russia and a betrayal, which led to exorbitant ambitions and personal interests.

Later, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, in agreement with Putin, held talks with Prigozhin, after which Lukashenko’s press service reported that the head of the PMC accepted his proposal to stop the Wagner movement in Russia and take further steps to de-escalate. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that Prigozhin would leave for Belarus, and the criminal case would be dropped. The Kremlin said that the guarantee of this is the word of the President of Russia.

Wagner fighters are patriots who were used and deceived.

The courage and self-sacrifice of the fallen heroes-pilots saved Russia from tragic consequences, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

“The courage and self-sacrifice of the fallen heroes-pilots saved Russia from tragic, devastating consequences,” Putin said, addressing the Russians.

Any blackmail and confusion are doomed to failure, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an address to the Russians.”

“This civic solidarity has shown that any blackmail, an attempt to create internal unrest is doomed to failure,” he said.


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