See the Numbers of Lawmakers who Advocate for Six-Year Presidential Tenure and Others


See the Numbers of Lawmakers who Advocate for Six-Year Presidential Tenure and Others


A group of 35 House of Representatives members has introduced a Bill seeking constitutional amendments to ensure the rotation of executive powers among Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.


Their proposal aims to promote equal representation and mitigate the intensity of demands for state creation, as reported by News360 Nigeria.


Leading the initiative, Rep. Ikenga Ugochinyere (PDP-Imo) addressed a press conference at the National Assembly in Abuja, outlining their objectives.


The legislators are calling for the amendment of Section III of the constitution to formally recognize Nigeria’s division into six geopolitical zones.


Additionally, they propose a single six-year term for the President and Governors to enhance governance efficiency, reduce government expenditure, and bolster national stability.


The bill also suggests the establishment of two Vice Presidential offices: one Vice President would serve as a successor, while the other would be a Minister overseeing economic affairs, with both positions filled by individuals from the southern and northern regions of Nigeria.


Further, the bill advocates for financial autonomy and accountability of Local Government Councils by establishing an independent Consolidated Local Government Council Account, managed exclusively by the Local Councils. It also calls for severe penalties, including long-term imprisonment, for the misuse of Local Government funds.


The proposed legislation aims to amend sections of the Electoral Act to mandate that all federal and state elections be conducted on the same day. It also seeks to ensure that election-related litigation is resolved within six months, prior to the swearing-in of elected officials.


“Our dedication is to fostering a united, stable, and prosperous Nigeria. We believe Nigeria has the potential to become a great and modern nation,” stated Ugochinyere.


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