The Word “Marriage Is Just For Once” Is A Scam Don’t Fall For It

The Word “Marriage Is Just For Once” Is A Scam Don't Fall For It

The Word “Marriage Is Just For Once” Is A Scam Don’t Fall For It

If any family is compelling you to spend the money you do not have unnecessarily for a marriage ceremony. And they tell you marriage is just for once just borrow to spend it once and for all do not obliged because it’s a scam.

There is nothing like once and for all in any marriage, and for a family who wanted the ceremony as they so desired yet not making the provision from their pocket but compelling you to do so that’s it’s just once and for all.

I can assure you that It won’t be long before you start noticing it’s nothing but a scam. Marriage is a continues spending with everything attached to it and if you are not prepared it means you are not ready yet.

You will soon start shouldering that family responsibilities when your wife putting pressure on you to help her family here and there..

There are some family that when they heard about marriage thry believe you have arrived. After all na who get money de do marriage. And the bigger you make that ceremony look the more the expectations and attention you will end up drawing to yourself.



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