Ticket Racketeering Soars at Lagos Airport: One-Way Tickets Sold for N250,000


Ticket Racketeering Soars at Lagos Airport: One-Way Tickets Sold for N250,000


LAGOS – The Murta­la Muhammed Airport (MMA) in Lagos has seen a rise in ticket racketeering, with one-way tickets being sold for as much as N250,000.


Desperate passengers are being targeted by some airline staff collaborating with airport touts. These individuals hoard tickets and sell them at inflated prices to last-minute travelers.


Investigations reveal that these touts often prevent travelers from purchasing tickets at the airline counters, forcing them to resort to purchasing from the touts. On Saturday, observations at MMA2 showed touts approaching unsuspecting passengers with offers to secure tickets.


A one-way ticket from Lagos to Abuja on the same day ranged from N220,000 to N250,000, depending on the bargaining skills of the passenger.


Passengers who bought Aero Contractors and Arik Air tickets at these inflated prices faced additional frustrations when the airlines canceled their evening flights to Abuja, rescheduling them for the next morning.


One passenger, Mrs. Taiwo Abdulkadir, shared her experience of being introduced to a tout by an airline staff member. She was offered a ticket for N250,000, but payment had to be made through a private PoS machine, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the transaction.


Abdulkadir expressed surprise at how these touts managed to enter the departure terminal and warned that this could lead to declining standards in the aviation industry.


Touts, with the cooperation of some airline staff, are reportedly buying tickets online, holding reservations, and selling them at exorbitant prices. Questions arise about how they access the terminals without airline staff involvement.


Another passenger, Adekunle Aregbeso­la, shared a similar experience. Unable to secure a ticket for a Monday flight online, he went to GAT to purchase a ticket. Directed by an airline staff member to a young man within the terminal, he was able to buy a ticket for N245,000.


Both Abdulkadir and Aregbesola called for authorities to address this issue to prevent ticket racketeering from spreading further in the aviation sector.


In late June 2024, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) announced the formation of a joint task force, including Aviation Security (AVSEC) personnel and Air Force members, to combat the increasing activities of touts at airports nationwide.


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