Tinubu’s admin no longer Nigeria as usual – Osiomhole

Tinubu's admin no longer Nigeria as usual - Osiomhole

Tinubu’s admin no longer Nigeria as usual – Osiomhole

Former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has paid tribute to President Bola Tinubu, claiming it is no longer business as usual, FCG reports

Oshiomhole’s strong emotional expression of Tinubu was made on Sunday in Abuja at a reception party held in honour of lawmakers where he reeled out purported achievements of the President’s nascent administration.

Among others, the former Labour leader said, the incumbent president has condemned situations in which Nigeria would provide neighbouring Niger electricity but her own people are thrown into darkness to the past.

“The President has hit the ground running. He has started what he promised to do. People may not like the immediate effect but in the long run, what he saves will be ploughed back in the system.

There is another one he said which many people have noticed. He said as President, he will no longer accept the situation where you have the so-called national grid that cannot carry power from Ovia to Azura power plant.

“As governor of Edo State, Azura power plant was set up producing about 750 megawatts. But that power is sometimes taken to Niger Republic and you don’t have power in Benin. The President has now signed a law that says you can generate your power and consume it where you generate it.

You don’t have to transfer it to avoid collapse of the system that may leave the producers and consumers in the dark. That is now a law. He signed it last week,” the ex-governor remarked.


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