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Friends of Seyi Tinubu (FOST) is a charity organization that officially began operations on Friday, Sept. 1, 2023, to help the less privileged on education schorlarship and training in different crafts, distribute free food to indigent families and give free healthcare to the kids and elderly across all the regions in Nigeria. 


Their opinion and stance as regards the present economic situation of the country were related during a press conference held in the early hours of Monday, 26th of February, 2024.

The published press statement as read by the group’s founder, Comr. Adejorin Tai Manuel, goes thus:








Fellow Nigerians, ladies and gentlemen of the press, we heartily welcome you all to this world press conference to giving our stance on the Renewed Hope mandate as Friend of Seyi Tinubu (FOST).




As we gather here today at this world world press conference under the banner of “Friend of Seyi Tinubu (FOST) to reaffirming our unwavering support for Seyi Tinubu and the Renewed Hope agenda, it is imperative that we share with you our objectives while we acquaint you of our collective achievements and individual contributions towards the betterment of our great nation.


Friend of Seyi Tinubu (FOST): Empowering Lives with Purpose, established on September 1, 2023, Friends of Seyi Tinubu (FOST) is a charitable organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of Nigerians. Our mission revolves around three core areas:


1. Education Empowerment:

– Providing scholarships for education, including ICT skills, to empower the youth with knowledge and skills that foster personal and community growth.

– Offering training in various crafts to equip individuals with practical skills that enhance their employability and entrepreneurial capabilities.


2. Food Security Initiatives:

– Implementing free food distribution programs across every state in Nigeria, addressing the critical issue of hunger among indigent communities.

– Leveraging our network to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry, emphasizing the significance of collective effort in achieving this humanitarian goal.


3. Healthcare for the Vulnerable:

– Extending free healthcare services to indigent individuals and the elderly, recognizing the importance of accessible and quality healthcare for all.

– Demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of the most vulnerable members of society, fostering a healthier and more resilient community.


FOST draws inspiration from our principal, Seyi Tinubu, a visionary leader known for his radical generosity. Through FOST, we aim to embody his character by uniting as friends and soldiers of like minds, dedicated to the common goal of uplifting those in need.


FOST envisions a society where education is a catalyst for empowerment, no one suffers from hunger, and healthcare is a right accessible to all. By uniting as Friends of Seyi Tinubu, we strive to create positive change and contribute to a more compassionate and inclusive Nigeria.


Subsequently, it is expedient that we share the remarkable strides we have collectively achieved and the individual contributions that underscore our commitment to making a positive impact in Nigeria.

In reflecting upon the strides we’ve made, Friend of Seyi Tinubu (FOST) takes pride in both our collective endeavors and the remarkable contributions of our individual members that spans through;


Collective Achievements:

– On December 22nd, we embarked on a mission to bring joy to the hearts of 1000 families in Abuja by distributing essential food items. This initiative reflects our commitment to alleviating the immediate needs of those facing hardship.


– Over 100 indigent students are currently on scholarship, a testament to the collective compassion of FOST members. These scholarships, fully funded by our members, will remain in effect until these students complete their higher education, ensuring a brighter future for them.


– In the first quarter of 2024, we are gearing up for a health outreach program in Jigawa State, aimed at providing essential healthcare services to the elderly. This initiative underscores our dedication to holistic community well-being.


Individual Contributions:

– In Ekiti State, one of our members demonstrated an unwavering commitment to education. Last September, this individual provided books and school bags to 1400 students, laying the foundation for a successful academic year.


– This same member extended a helping hand to 350 SS3 students by obtaining JAMB forms, opening doors to higher education and expanding their horizons.


– Another remarkable individual within our ranks established a football academy in Oyo State. Through this initiative, talented kids from the streets are offered a chance to join the academy for free. Not only that, but these youngsters are being recommended to foreign clubs, a testament to our commitment to nurturing and promoting talent.


Apparently, our members are undeniably making significant contributions to complement the efforts of the government at all levels. Their collective brilliance is evident in the positive changes we are witnessing, collectively shaping a future where life is better for Nigerians across the board.


Fellow Nigerians, in these challenging times, where frustration and uncertainty loom, it becomes essential to address concerns with empathy, facts, and a hopeful outlook. Let us embark on a journey to understand the policies of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, acknowledging the intricacies of the present situation.


Acknowledging Vulnerability:

The early announcement of subsidy removal undoubtedly stirred apprehension and concerns. It’s crucial to recognize the vulnerability of the present government, tasked with navigating complex economic realities. While challenging, such decisions are often necessary for the long-term stability of our economy.


We understand the unease sparked by the early subsidy removal. The present government, in acknowledging its vulnerability, faced a daunting task in making decisions that impact us all. This transparency, though difficult, is a step towards ensuring the economic resilience we aspire to achieve.



While national attention often gravitates towards the federal government, it is important to gently redirect focus to state governors. Despite substantial funds allocated to them, the efficiency of resource utilization demands scrutiny. Each state governor has received approximately #30 billion, prompting questions about the optimal use of these resources for the collective good.


In our quest for accountability, let’s not overlook the roles of our state governors. With each governor receiving significant funds, there arises a need to inquire about the efficiency in channeling these resources towards the development of our states. It’s an avenue for collective reflection and to hold our respective Governors responsible and accountable.


Addressing Dollar Dynamics:

The fluctuation of the dollar is undoubtedly a concern, and it’s essential to approach this issue with a nuanced perspective. External factors, including hoarding, contribute to this challenge. However, let us express appreciation to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for their proactive steps in stabilizing the economy. Their efforts signify a commitment to normalizing the dollar rate and creating a more stable economic environment.


The dynamics of the dollar are complex, influenced by factors beyond our borders. While acknowledging concerns, we extend our gratitude to the CBN for their proactive steps. Their commitment to stabilizing the economy and normalizing the dollar rate reflects a collaborative effort towards a more stable economic landscape.


Fellow Nigerians, the days ahead are golden and glorious, so, let’s not lose sight of the hope embedded in perseverance. The journey may be challenging, but through collective resilience, understanding, and a commitment to positive change, we can navigate these difficulties and emerge stronger.


Furthermore, in the spirit of a shared commitment to our nation’s progress, we would like to present a series of recommendations aimed at fostering economic growth, enhancing security, and securing a prosperous future for Nigeria.


1. Promoting Indigenous Manufacturing:

Encouraging, financially motivating, and promoting indigenous manufacturing companies is pivotal for our economic stability. By intensifying support for locally-produced goods, the Federal Government can stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and contribute to the stabilization of our exchange rate. I propose the implementation of incentives and policies that empower and uplift our homegrown industries.


2. Strengthening the Ban on the Use of Dollar:

To fortify the ban on the use of the dollar within Nigeria, we must vigilantly address any violations and bring culprits to book. Additionally, exploring the possibility of joining BRICS could provide strategic advantages. This move, if properly considered, has the potential to enhance our economic standing globally and promote financial independence.


3. Agricultural Revolution for Food Security:

Shifting focus to agriculture, both at the federal and state levels, is imperative. Our vast arable land presents an untapped resource that can transform us into a global food powerhouse. Prioritizing mechanized farming will boost productivity, ensuring that not only does our nation become food secure, but also positions us as a leading exporter of various food items.


4. Addressing Insecurity and Investing in Human Resources:

Insecurity remains a pressing concern, particularly as it directly impacts our farmers and food production. The consideration of state police could be a strategic move to enhance security at the grassroots level. Moreover, a concerted effort to invest in human resources through research and methodology is vital. Monitoring and channeling these resources back into our economy will undoubtedly contribute to sustainable growth.


In the spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility by collectively embracing these initiatives, we can work towards a Nigeria that is economically robust, food secure, and safe for all its citizens.


Fellow Nigerians, in these challenging times, we come before you with a humble plea and a sincere request for your understanding and support.

As we navigate the complexities of governance, we acknowledge the challenges that may have caused distress.


To this end, we implore you, dear Nigerians, to grant the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration more time to stabilize. Building a stable and prosperous nation is a gradual process that requires concerted efforts and collective patience.

Your enduring understanding during this period of transformation is crucial for the success of the policies and initiatives set in motion.


Subsequently, Seyi Tinubu, a dynamic force during the campaign, played a pivotal role in rallying the youth to support his father. At this critical juncture, his voice remains significant, hence, we kindly request that when Seyi Tinubu speaks, instead of casting aspersions, you join us in prayer.

Pray for more wisdom and direction for the first family as they navigate the challenges and steer the country toward the right destination.


Furthermore, we express our deepest gratitude to Seyi Tinubu for standing strong during these trying times. His unwavering commitment to impacting the youth has not gone unnoticed. We urge him to continue in this noble cause, for we believe there is no other youth president who can lead and inspire with such dedication. May God grant him the grace and wherewithal to continue making a positive impact on his generation.


As we draw the curtain of this world press conference, a special word of appreciation goes to the pillars of Friend of Seyi Tinubu (FOST), both at home and in the diaspora. Your unwavering commitment to impacting lives and complementing government efforts at all levels is commendable.

Your generosity and support contribute significantly to making lives better.


Conclusively, we humbly appeal for your continued understanding, patience, and support. Together, as one united nation, we can overcome challenges and build a brighter future for Nigeria.


Thank you.


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