BENUE: Names of 23 New Caretaker Chairman, Gov. Alia Swears in


BENUE: Names of 23 New Caretaker Chairman, Gov. Alia Swears in


Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State has inaugurated 23 caretaker committee chairmen at a ceremony held at the Government House in Makurdi. During the event on Friday, Alia urged the chairmen to provide high-quality services to their local communities.

The governor had earlier requested the State House of Assembly to extend the tenure of the caretaker committees, giving the Benue State Independent Electoral Commission (BSIEC) more time to organize council elections.

The Assembly screened and approved the nominees submitted by the governor. However, Timothy Hembaor, initially nominated for Ushongo LGA, was replaced by Mvendaga Atetan.

In his address, Governor Alia emphasized the importance of the chairmen’s roles, urging them to work diligently and reflect the All Progressives Congress (APC) manifesto in their duties. He highlighted the administration’s efforts to grant autonomy to local governments and encouraged the chairmen to stay dedicated to their posts, ensuring the delivery of democratic benefits to the residents.

The governor also stressed the need for local government chairmen to replicate the state-level infrastructural achievements at the local level, reinforcing his administration’s commitment to comprehensive development.

Philip Achuah, the caretaker chairman of Konshisha Local Government Area, responded on behalf of the group. He pledged their commitment to mirroring the governor’s developmental initiatives locally and expressed gratitude for the quasi-autonomy granted to local governments.

The newly appointed caretaker committee chairmen are:

– Guda Dennis (Vandeikya)
– Philip Achuah (Konshisha)
– Shaku Justine (Katsina-Ala)
– Neji Terhile (Kwande)
– Avar Verlumun (Gboko)
– Roy Terna Ashirga (Tarka)
– Agber Cephas (Buruku)
– James Dwem (Makurdi)
– Comfort Agbo (Gwer East)
– Henry Agba (Gwer-West)
– Unongo Simon (Guma)
– Mvendaga Atetan (Ushongo)
– Iorzaa Victor (Ukum)
– Benjamin Uzenda (Logo)
– Gloria Ogebe (Ado)
– Philip Ebenyaku (Agatu)
– Ochai Alidu (Apa)
– Adekpe Onum (Obi)
– Emmanuel Aba (Ogbadibo)
– Adugbo Fred (Ohimini)
– Dr. Wilson Eche (Otukpo)
– Onyilo Omale (Okpokwu)
– Ire Arubi (Oju)


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