BIAFRA DAY: Abia Doctor Cries Out for Help After Soldiers Invaded Her House and Abducted Her Siblings


BIAFRA DAY: Abia Doctor Cries Out for Help After Soldiers Invaded Her House and Abducted Her Siblings


Dr. Rose Agwu, a Nigerian medical professional from Abia State, has issued a desperate call for help following a raid by soldiers at her home. The soldiers forcibly took her sister and 15-year-old brother, leaving her elderly father unharmed.

Living near Obikabia Junction in Aba, Dr. Agwu reported that the military invasion occurred around 5 a.m. on Friday. She shared the distressing event through multiple social media posts.

Agwu recounted, “Around 5 a.m., the Nigerian Army stormed my house, breaking our gate and door. They took my 15-year-old brother and my sister, who had just returned home, sparing only my 72-year-old father. Since then, we’ve had no word on their whereabouts or the reason for their detention.”

She implored, “Please help us ask the Nigerian Army why they took my siblings and where they are. We need answers and their immediate release. This is how people go missing and sometimes are never seen again. My siblings are innocent of any wrongdoing.”

This incident followed an attack on an Army checkpoint in Aba on Thursday, where five soldiers were killed. The Nigerian military has vowed to capture the assailants.

As of 24 hours later, Agwu lamented that her siblings were still detained, noting that June 1 was her sister’s birthday. She emphasized the unlawful nature of their detention and the violation of their rights.

“At exactly 5 a.m. yesterday, while I was on duty at the hospital, the Nigerian Army invaded my home, forced my elderly father into an unhealthy position, and took my minor brother and sister. No arrest warrant, no explanation. This is an abuse of their human rights and has traumatized my family.”

She continued, “Today is my sister’s birthday, and she’s in military custody for something she knows nothing about. We are law-abiding citizens. Governor Alex Otti, please intervene and help bring my siblings home.”

Similar accounts from other residents near Obikabia Junction have surfaced online, reporting military raids and the arbitrary detention of young people. A social media user, CleverNation, claimed that his friend was taken from a hotel room during a similar raid.

The public has expressed outrage, criticizing the Nigerian Army’s approach. #Samdgreat01 argued that the Army’s indiscriminate arrests do not address the real issue of terrorism. He urged for a proper investigation and intelligence-based operations instead of unlawful detentions.

Ike God also called for an immediate and unconditional release of innocent civilians, stressing the need for targeted actions against the actual perpetrators.

“The Army should collaborate with the Nigerian Police to investigate and apprehend those responsible for the attack. Innocent citizens should not suffer for the actions of criminals. Governor Otti, please ensure the safe return of those unjustly taken,” he stated.

Public outcry continues to grow as families and communities demand justice and the safe return of their loved ones.


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