Chopped Bodies Of Kidnapped Kenyan Socialite & Nigerian Lover Found

Chopped Bodies Of Kidnapped Kenyan Socialite & Nigerian Lover Found

Chopped Bodies Of Kidnapped Kenyan Socialite & Nigerian Lover Found

*Kamulu socialite Rachael Kanini “Kaniss” and her Nigerian lover Omodollar were allegedly kidnapped on the afternoon of Sunday, June 25

*Just when their families hoped to be reunited with them, their lifeless bodies have been found in a thicket

*The assailants chopped the duo’s bodies into pieces and stuffed them in bags before tossing them near her parents’ home in Nguluni

FCG reports that the Kamulu community is in pains after the bodies of a Kenyan woman and his Nigerian boyfriend were discovered in a thicket.

FCG learnt from a report by that Rachael Kanini “Kaniss” and her man known by only the name Omodollar were kidnapped by unknown assailants.

Bodies had been chopped into pieces

The disturbing incident, which occurred on Sunday, June 25, took a tragic turn when their lifeless bodies were discovered dumped near her parents’ home in Nguluni, FCG gathered.

“Their bodies had been chopped into small pieces and stuffed into two sacks before being tossed around Kamulu,” Njeru said.

Given that the kidnappers remain at large, it is believed that they employed a sophisticated and well-coordinated operation which ensured they left no traces behind.

The discovery sent shockwaves through the community, prompting an outpouring of grief and condolences from friends, family, and fans.

Motive behind death still unknown

The motive behind the abduction remains unclear, but speculation from members of the public about ranges from a targeted attack on their personal lives to business to jealousy. As of the time of filing this report, the bodies had been taken for post-mortem examinations to determine the cause and time of death. Police have also launched investigations into the brutal murders, hoping to gather leads that will bring the culprits to justice.

Police ask public to share information

Meanwhile, the Kamulu community continues to mourn the loss of the two vibrant individuals with whom they spent memorable moments. The precious memories they left on the minds of those they interacted with will endure as a testament to the preciousness of life and the urgent need for safer communities.

As investigations into the incident continue, police have called on members of the public with information that could help solve the mystery to come forward.


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