Customs Seizes Arms and Ammunition Shipment from Turkey at Onne Port


Customs Seizes Arms and Ammunition Shipment from Turkey at Onne Port

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) announced on Monday that it had intercepted a container filled with arms and ammunition imported from Turkey. The NCS Comptroller-General, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, detailed the seizure at Onne Port, Rivers State.


The intercepted 40-foot container, labeled MAEU165396, contained a cache of pump-action rifles and ammunition valued at N4.17 billion. Adeniyi explained that the high-risk nature of the shipment prompted a thorough inspection, revealing 844 rifles and 112,500 rounds of live ammunition. Specifically, the container held:


– 764 units of Tomahawk Jojef Magnum Black Pump Action Rifles

– 10 units of VC Verney Caron Gunmakers Jojef Magnum Silver Pump Action Rifles

– 50 units of VC Verney Caron Gunmaker Double Barrel Rifles

– 20 units of VC Verney Caron Gunmaker Single Barrel Rifles

– Sterling High-Quality Live Ammunition 34g – 25 Plastic Shotgun Shells (70MM)


The arms and ammunition were hidden among various items, including doors, furniture, plumbing fittings, and leather bags. The Customs Service has arrested three suspects in connection with the smuggling attempt.


Adeniyi noted that the successful interception was aided by international intelligence collaboration. He revealed that the container was meticulously tracked and examined on June 21, 2024.


In a related operation, the Customs CG reported another significant seizure on June 29, 2024. Officers intercepted eight 40-foot containers in transit to a bonded warehouse from Onne Port. These containers (numbers: TCKU6879285, CMAU5985012, CMAU7515384, CMAU4297020, SEKU5488437, BMOU4363156, MRKU4616024, MRSU3068928) contained:


– 1,050,000 bottles of CSC Cough Syrup with Codeine (100ml)

– 3,500,000 tablets of Trodol Benzhexol Tablets (5mg) valued at N9.6 billion

– Two containers with 720 bales of used clothes, with a duty-paid value of N144 million


The total duty-paid value of these nine containers amounted to N13.9 billion. Adeniyi stated that licenses and permits for the involved warehouses, terminals, and Customs agents have been suspended pending further investigation. He emphasized that any Customs officers found complicit in these illegal activities would face severe sanctions as determined by the NCS Board.


Adeniyi also praised officers who upheld their oath of allegiance and resisted bribes, assuring them of rewards as stipulated by the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023. He commended the Onne Port Customs Area Comptroller, Mohammed Babandede, and his team for their diligent efforts. Additionally, he acknowledged the critical role of local and international partners in providing necessary intelligence for the operations.


Concluding his statement, Adeniyi warned potential smugglers that the NCS would continue to aggressively protect the nation’s economy and security, vowing to shut down such illegal operations.


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