Economic Activities Halted as Flood Devastates Road in Taraba Community


Economic Activities Halted as Flood Devastates Road in Taraba Community


By Justin Tyopuusu


Peva town, located in Taraba State’s Takum Local Government Area, is a significant economic hub, driving local and state revenue through its vibrant market. The nearby village of Adu depends heavily on this market, serving as a primary supplier of agricultural products.


However, this crucial connection has been cut off due to relentless rains, which have washed away the road linking Adu to Peva, causing severe isolation and economic distress for the community.


Mr. Tertsea Chieve, an Adu resident, recounted how the floodwaters destroyed his rice farm and severed access to the Peva Market. Reflecting on the incident, another resident, Ugan, remarked, “The rains came swiftly and fiercely, overwhelming Adu with an unprecedented deluge.”


Arewa PUNCH reports that the heavy rains caused torrents of water to flow down the hills, eroding the soil and destroying the road. The once vital route, which meandered through fields and homesteads, has now been washed away.


“This is the worst rain I have seen in my life,” Chieve lamented. “The road was never in great shape, but it was our only link to the market. Now, it’s completely gone.”


The road’s destruction has significant implications for Adu, a community reliant on agriculture. Farmers who depended on the Peva Market for selling crops and purchasing supplies now face economic isolation.


Mr. Terkula Mnguve, a prominent farmer and businessman, expressed his frustration: “We have no alternative routes, so we are forced to take arduous and costly detours through neighboring communities to reach Peva. The increased transportation costs make it nearly impossible to sell our goods at a profit.”


Mr. Tersoo Mela, an economist and lecturer at Taraba State University, emphasized that the road’s collapse extends beyond economic losses. “The road was also essential for healthcare, education, and other critical services. With its destruction, residents are cut off from these vital services,” he explained.


He shared a tragic story of Mr. Samuel Tordoo, who lost his wife during childbirth due to the delayed journey caused by the damaged road. “That road and many other rural roads in the state need urgent repair, or many lives will be at risk,” Mela warned.


“For many families, the road was their access to education, as children from Adu attend schools in Peva. With the road gone, the daily journey to school has become an insurmountable challenge, threatening the education of dozens of children,” Mela added.


Dr. Chiega Mela, Chairman of the Elders’ Forum for the People’s Democratic Party in the area, called for urgent government intervention to rebuild the road. “We are a hardworking community, and all we ask is for the government to help us rebuild this road. It’s our lifeline. Without it, our future is uncertain,” he pleaded.


Hon. John Ali, Chairman of Takum Local Government Council, confirmed the road’s devastation caused by torrential rains. He assured that resources and personnel would be mobilized to restore access temporarily before taking further steps for proper construction. “I received the report of the flooded road last night. The road is important to the people, and we cannot allow it to remain destroyed. I will mobilize resources and men to the area to ensure there is access for now before taking further steps for proper construction,” Ali assured.


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