Does Witches Use Trees As Their Covens?

Does witches use trees as their coven

Does Witches Use Trees As Their Covens?

Back then in my former place, landlords never allowed any tree due to the fear of witches….. BUT see trees everywhere in my current place, Nairalander said

First of all, it is a myth to think that witches have wings and can fly and perch on trees or house tops and that they operate only at night, or that witches are black or white. Witches don’t have wings, and they operate anytime of the day, morning, noon, evening and at night, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and year-in and year-out. Witches have mystical powers that enable them to turn into whatever they want, wherever and whenever, in order to cause harm to their victims, and then return to a human form, GUARDIAN.NG wrote.

But then, does Witches use trees as their coven?.

Things concerning witches are spiritual and not scientific. If one can believe in the existence of spirits one can as well believe in existence of witches.

Sometime around 2016 DAILY VOICE made a post on Facebook of a witch tree that cannot but uprooted no matter how or what you use. In the video, a tree was been forced down by a bulldozer but to no avail. You can watch the video below

Whereas some believe is existence of witches, others don’t. But if witches can specifically turn into whatever they want to attack their victims they can as well lodge in a tree of their choices.



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