Eniola Badmus strongly advocates for Tinubu says “We buy fuel cheap”

Eniola Badmus strongly advocates for Tinubu says “We buy fuel cheap”

Eniola Badmus strongly advocates for Tinubu says “We buy fuel cheap”

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus hails Tinubu as she claims Nigerians buy fuel at a cheap rate.

FCGs gathered this during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, Badmus praised Tinubu for being a generous person and pledged her undying loyalty to him.

The actress’ comments about Tinubu and fuel prices drew attention and a variety of reactions from the online community.

Eniola has asserted that Nigerians purchase the most affordable fuel globally.

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood actress, recently sparked online debate with her candid expression of admiration and support for President Bola Tinubu.

Eniola passionately reiterated her support for Tinubu during an Instagram live session with media personality Daddy Freeze, praising him as a cheerful giver and emphasizing the importance of having a leader who empathizes with the people’s struggles.

Eniola praised Tinubu, praising his philanthropic contributions and expressing confidence in his ability to continue making positive changes.

She praised his willingness to address common people’s concerns and solve their problems, regardless of whether he personally knows them or not.

According to her, this empathetic quality is critical for a leader, and she stated that she will support Tinubu as long as he holds his position.

Eniola went on to discuss the issue of fuel subsidies in Nigeria. She stated that many Nigerians did not fully comprehend the concept of subsidy until it was eliminated.

She went on to say that Nigerians still have some of the lowest fuel prices in the world, emphasizing the importance of understanding government policies and how they affect the country’s economy.

She said:

“Do you know that a lot of these keypad warriors, they do not even have an idea of what this subsidy is. When they removed it, that was when they knew what the government was doing. Even till now I think we still buy the cheapest fuel in the world.”


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