Nigerian man stabbed to death by girlfriend, whereas security stood outside for 12mins


Nigerian man stabbed to death by girlfriend, whereas security stood outside for 12mins

FCGs reports that Security stood outside OnlyFans model, Courtney Clenney’s luxury Miami apartment and “did nothing” for several minutes as she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death, lawyers now claim.

FCGs gathered that Security at the Miami high-rise where Clenney lived with her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, was first notified of a fight inside the couple’s 22nd-floor unit and stood outside their apartment door for 12 minutes — before Clenney herself called police and said she had fatally stabbed him, according to a lawsuit filed by Obumseli’s estate.

“Building security arrived at the Clenney unit, knocked on the door, heard yelling through the door, stood outside, and did nothing despite knowledge of Ms. Clenney’s history of past disturbances in the unit and common areas, her history of erratic, volatile and aggressive behavior … and her recently diagnosed mental health disorder,” states an amended complaint filed last week by attorneys representing Obumseli’s estate.

Obumseli, 28, and the lady had moved into the One Paraiso apartment complex on Northeast 7th Avenue in January 2022, just four months before he died following the April 3 knife attack.

The couple quickly became known to building staff, security and Miami Dade police, who had responded to the apartment nine times – including twice on the day they moved in, the lawsuit states.

But the model was caught on footage going after Obumseli in a building elevator months before his death.

Clenney’s co-counsel, Frank Andrew Prieto, slammed the amended complaint as Obumseli’s lawyers’ “attempts to manipulate the narrative of what really occurred.”

“That afternoon, Courtney’s actions were taken in self-defense after suffering at the hands of Obumseli’s mental and physical abuse,” Prieto’s statement said. “The amended complaint includes the many times Courtney called security and the police for help; however, it distorts many facts and leaves out significant details that do not fit their false narrative.”

The person who owned the unit where they lived went as far as beginning the eviction process in March, per the building management’s request after it had received a flood of complaints from other residents, the suit claims.

But management and her landlord reversed course after Clenney told them on March 28 “that she had been recently diagnosed with a severe borderline personality disorder, and had begun taking medication,” the suit states.

She allegedly said the medication would begin to kick in after taking it for about a month.

Obumseli’s father, Chio, representing his son’s estate, has sued Clenney, One Paraiso, its related parties and the security company that provided services for the property, arguing that they could have stopped the murder.

Clenney, 26, was charged with second-degree murder for her boyfriend’s death.

Her attorneys have alluded to a history of abuse at the hands of Obumseli, and said she had filed a restraining order against him days before the attack.


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