Nigerians Hardship: What God told me we need in Nigeria to move forward —Prophet Oyadara


Nigerians Hardship: What God told me we need in Nigeria to move forward —Prophet Oyadara


Prophet Samuel Oyadara, the founder of All People Church in Ojo, Lagos, discusses national issues and his personal journey in this interview. BOLA BADMUS presents these excerpts:


Why do most of your prophecies come true? Is there a possibility that someone informs you beforehand?


No one provides me with information except God. I am not involved in politics and know no one other than God. Through fasting and prayer, I receive divine guidance. For example, I began fasting on January 1st and have continued, which allows me to receive God’s directives about future events.


Many people have lost faith in prophets due to the prevalence of fake prophets in society. However, as God said, “Their ways are not my way.” Only God guides me, revealing things through His directives. Everything He has shown me has come to pass.


How did your ministry begin?


In 2002, I traveled to Italy, but I was unaware of God’s plan for me to become a cleric. Four years later, I was deported to Nigeria with only $100, which was N13,600 at the time. This marked the beginning of my journey. I sought help and prayers from various pastors, who told me I shouldn’t have traveled without seeking divine guidance.


What was your purpose for going abroad?


I traveled to seek better opportunities, especially in football. I trained in Nigeria and aimed to join a club in Italy. There was a club called All African Club that selected Africans. I also hoped to find work.


Upon deportation, I experienced frightening dreams, prompting me to seek spiritual intervention. Everywhere I went, I was told to pursue God’s work for a breakthrough. My situation was dire; I could barely feed myself.


Eventually, a younger cleric introduced me to Primate Olabayo in Maryland. Upon seeing me, Baba urged me to start God’s work immediately. Initially, I resisted, planning to return to Italy. However, Baba insisted that God wanted me in His vineyard. After eight months of struggle and vivid dreams of evangelism, I returned to Baba, who confirmed my calling.


I spent two years training under Baba’s ministry. During this time, Jonathan’s campaign group visited, and I served as Baba’s aide. Although it was a difficult decision, I eventually heeded God’s call.


What challenges have you faced in your ministry?


There are numerous challenges for those truly called by God. The Bible teaches that only those sent by God can deliver His message. Despite the corruption among many pastors, I remain committed to the true gospel. I pray that if I ever waver, God ends my time on earth. I have fasted for two years continuously and faced many attacks, especially in Ojo, where one must be vigilant.


The pastoral work is demanding, and only those graced by God can endure. While many clerics are distracted by money and glamour, I strive to stay focused.


What are your thoughts on Nigeria’s current state?


I am deeply concerned about Nigeria, often moved to tears and unable to eat. The nation’s struggles stem from rampant sin and criminality. Despite God’s love for Nigeria, we lack unity and genuine worship.


I have shared prophecies since the time of Yar’Adua, predicting his inability to survive his illness and the subsequent change in government. Similarly, I foresaw Jonathan’s electoral defeat and Buhari’s inability to bring positive change, leading to further problems.


Why is Nigeria, despite its religious fervor, facing such difficulties?


Nigeria’s situation mirrors that of the Israelites, who suffered due to disobedience and idol worship. God loves Nigeria, but our lack of unity and love causes our problems. If we had unity, our country would prosper.


Can the Tinubu administration bring positive change?


God revealed to me that as long as Tinubu remains in power, prices will continue to rise, and people will struggle to afford basic needs. This is evident in the current economic situation.


What is your advice for Nigeria and Nigerians?


Nigerians must be patient, prayerful, and rely on God. The government should focus on the poor and underprivileged, ensuring they can afford basic necessities. While some people thrive despite the nation’s hardships, many suffer. True men of God must emerge to guide the country.


Why are crimes increasing despite the proliferation of religious centers?


True faith comes from hearing God’s word, but many religious leaders prioritize materialism over spiritual truth. Many who establish worship centers do so for personal gain, not a divine calling. Genuine truth-tellers face tribulations before gaining a following.


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