Over 277 Guns Present in National Assembly Vicinity – Senator Jimoh Ibrahim


Over 277 Guns Present in National Assembly Vicinity – Senator Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, representing Ondo South Senatorial District, revealed that there are over 277 guns within the vicinity of the National Assembly and the Presidential Villa.


Senator Ibrahim made this statement during Wednesday’s plenary session while addressing a motion introduced by Senate Chief Whip Ali Ndume, concerning the recent bombings in Gwoza, Borno State.


The senator claimed that he possesses a mobile application capable of detecting the number of firearms in his vicinity, although he did not specify the owners of these weapons.


“I regularly check my phone and can see the number of guns nearby. There are over 277 guns around us, primarily because an armoury is located close by,” Ibrahim stated.


He emphasized the importance of utilizing technology for security purposes, suggesting that the Nigerian military should adopt technological tools to locate criminals instead of relying solely on manpower.


In a light-hearted exchange, Senate President Godswill Akpabio inquired about the presence of ammunition in the detected firearms. Ibrahim responded with a probability estimation, suggesting that about half of the guns might be loaded.


Ibrahim also highlighted the need for conventional strategies to combat unconventional threats like Boko Haram. He urged the military to use advanced technology to track and neutralize criminal activities.


Furthermore, he called for a dedicated Senate session to discuss security issues in-depth, stressing the importance of addressing the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the country.


“The spread and trafficking of small arms have resulted in numerous killings across the nation, affecting both civilians and security personnel,” he concluded.


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