See how Angry Protesters Dump Dead Bodies On Major Road After Bandit Attack in Benue


See how Angry Protesters Dump Dead Bodies On Major Road After Bandit Attack in Benue

Benue: Protest Erupts as Angry Residents Place Corpses on Main Road Following Bandit Assault

Tension has gripped Ukum Local Government Area in Benue State after a bandit attack on Wednesday morning resulted in the deaths of 11 individuals.

The attack has sparked a significant protest in a region already troubled by persistent insecurity, despite numerous joint security efforts to address the issue.


Witnesses reported that a large group of heavily armed men attacked Ayati, the administrative center of Borikyo ward, killing 11 people and injuring many others.


Outraged by the frequent attacks, Borikyo youths took to the streets, blocking the Sankera-Ayati-Sai road and the Ukum local government secretariat to voice their anger and grief.


Protesters reportedly damaged the council secretariat, breaking windows and destroying property with stones and sticks.


“The gunmen fired shots, killing seven people instantly. More bodies were found later, raising the death toll to 11. The youths are now in a serious protest,” a local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, stated.


“They have placed the dead bodies on the roads and are demanding action from Governor Hyacinth Alia to stop the ongoing violence.”


The protest is centered in Sankera, the headquarters of Ukum LGA. The demonstrators are expressing their frustration over the continuous killing of innocent people in Borikyo, which they say has gone unchecked by the government.


Chief Joseph Har, the Internal Security Adviser to the Benue State Governor, informed journalists in Makurdi that the protesters have threatened to set fire to the local government secretariat due to the killings.


“The youths are demonstrating to highlight the relentless killing of defenseless people in Borikyo and the lack of effective government intervention,” he explained.


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