Photos As Actress Oge Aneke Who Married As A Virgin Gives Birth To Twins 6 Years After

Photos As Actress Oge Aneke Who Married As A Virgin Gives Birth To Twins 6 Years After

Photos As Actress Oge Aneke Who Married As A Virgin Gives Birth To Twins 6 Years After

FCG reports that Nollywood actress Oge Aneke has welcomed a set of twins after six years of waiting for another child. The star of Love in a Bit, Endless Seconds and Newly Married, who gave birth to her first daughter in 2017, shared lovely baby bump photos of her twins pregnancy on her Instagram page. Oge Aneke made the news a couple of years back after she revealed her husband married her as a virgin.

FCG gathereed in an exclusive interview, Oge Aneke opened up about the challenges she faced as a woman who could not conceive another child soon after her first one. She said she faced pressure from society, especially from fellow women who kept telling her to do something about her situation or risk losing her husband to another woman.

“Some women even asked me if I had several abortions or if I had offended any god, not knowing that my husband actually met me a virgin. They scared me that all men are the same and that my husband will kick me out and get another woman as soon as possible if I don’t do something. Could you imagine that? It was very frustrating and depressing,” she said.

Oge Aneke also revealed that she was lucky to have a supportive husband who stood by her throughout the ordeal. She said he was her number one fan and encourager, who always reassured her that God would do it at his own time.

“I remember a time a particular person kept calling me, telling me he was a pastor and threatening me that he saw a vision that my marriage was going to be over unless I came to their church for special prayers. Meanwhile, my husband was beside me that day and I put it on speaker. My husband handled him and scared him off. he made several attempt at different times, but my husband handled them till they no longer called as they probably got scared they might be apprehended. Their aim was to take advantage of our situation and scam me and my husband,” she narrated.

Oge Aneke said she was grateful to God for blessing her with lovely twins. She said she was happy to be a mother of three and thanked her fans for their prayers and support.

She also advised women who are in similar situations to be patient and trust God, and not to allow anyone to pressure them or make them feel less of a woman.

“The society needs to be easy on women. There is pressure from everywhere, especially from fellow women who should be our sisters and friends. Infact, most women who are unable to have another child immediately after their first child are often given the same unfair treatment as women who have not been able to have a child at all. Some women have lost their marriages because they could not give birth to another child quickly. Some husbands’ families will bring another wife in for the man to give him children. This is not right and it is very painful,” she said.

She urged women to support each other and celebrate each other’s successes, rather than tear each other down or mock each other’s pains.

“God has a plan for everyone and he does things in his own time. We should not compare ourselves with others or feel bad because someone else has what we don’t have yet. We should be happy for them and pray for our own miracle too. God is faithful and he will never forsake us,” she concluded.


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