PHOTOS: Protests Escalate in Benue Community as LG Secretariat and Benue Chief of Staff’s House are Set Ablaze


PHOTOS: Protests Escalate in Benue Community as LG Secretariat and Benue Chief of Staff’s House are Set Ablaze

First Class Gists: Comprehensive Report on Protests and Curfew in Benue State

Zakibiam, July 3, 2024 – The town of Zakibiam in Benue State has been plunged into chaos as protests erupted, leading to the arson of the local government secretariat and the residence of the Chief of Staff to the Benue State Government.

The unrest, which began in the early hours, saw a large group of protestors expressing their grievances over undisclosed issues. The situation quickly escalated, resulting in the violent targeting of key government properties.

Details of the Incident

Local Government Secretariat Ablaze: Protestors set fire to the Zakibiam Local Government Secretariat, causing extensive damage to the administrative building and resulting in the loss of important government documents and property.

Chief of Staff’s Residence Targeted: In a further escalation, the residence of the Chief of Staff to the Benue State Government was also set on fire. The extent of the damage is currently being assessed, and there are no reports of casualties at this time.

The local authorities have condemned the acts of violence and have called for calm. Security forces have been deployed to the area to restore order and prevent further incidents. An investigation into the causes of the protest and subsequent arson is underway.

The FIRST CLASS GISTS learnt that the causes of the protest was as a result of high rate of killings in the community, without the State Government intervention on how to stop it, this led to the agitation of the youths passing no vote of confidence on the government on security issues, that if they cant proffer solutions to this everyday killings of their people, then Benue state government should stay away from their community

Government Response

In response to the crisis, the Benue State Government has reiterated its commitment to addressing the concerns of the citizens through peaceful dialogue. The Governor’s office has issued a statement urging residents to refrain from violence and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

The events in Zakibiam highlight the urgent need for constructive engagement between the government and the populace to resolve underlying issues and prevent future occurrences of such destructive actions.

Benue State Government Imposes Indefinite Curfew on Ukum Local Government Area

Makurdi, July 3, 2024 – In response to the escalating security crisis in Ukum Local Government Area, the Governor of Benue State, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, has declared an indefinite 24-hour curfew effective from 3 PM today. The decision follows a series of violent incidents that have resulted in significant property damage and widespread instability in the region.

In an official statement delivered by Deputy Governor Bar. Dr. Sam Ode, the following directives were issued:

1. Immediate Curfew Imposition: Starting today, July 3, 2024, a 24-hour curfew will be enforced in Ukum Local Government Area, beginning at 3 PM and lasting until 3 PM on July 4, 2024.

2. Nighttime Curfew: From July 4, 2024, onward, a nighttime curfew will be in effect from 6 PM to 6 AM until further notice.

Governor Alia has urged residents to remain calm, assuring them that security forces have been deployed extensively to restore and maintain peace in Ukum and the larger Sankera region. This decisive action aims to curb further violence and protect the lives and property of citizens.


Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia’s imposition of the curfew in Ukum Local Government Area follows reports of severe unrest and destruction in the region. The security situation has deteriorated, prompting the state government to take immediate and stringent measures to prevent further escalation.

The deployment of security operatives is intended to stabilize the situation and reassure the public of the government’s commitment to their safety. The indefinite nature of the curfew reflects the gravity of the situation and the government’s resolve to restore order.

For further updates and information, residents are advised to stay tuned to official government communications and cooperate with security personnel to ensure a swift resolution to the crisis.


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