See month Senate Committee Targets for Refinery Repairs Completion


See month Senate Committee Targets for Refinery Repairs Completion

How has your experience been as a member of the Senate?


Serving in the Senate has been fulfilling as we perform our legislative duties. I am actively involved in several committees, including serving as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta and the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream. Our oversight functions aim to benefit the country. Locally, I have positively impacted the Ondo North Senatorial District.

**What is the Senate doing to address the rising cost of food and commodities due to the removal of the petrol subsidy?**


Nigerians need to be patient with the current administration. Positive changes are underway. As Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream, I can confirm that efforts are in progress to ensure all refineries are operational by the end of the year. We have conducted oversight visits and received promising updates, indicating that the refineries will be functional as scheduled. This is part of our broader efforts to improve Nigeria’s situation.


President Tinubu is diligently working to stabilize the country. The recovery plan involves addressing the economic challenges, including the fluctuating value of the naira. Immediate interventions, such as distributing fertilizers to boost agriculture, are being implemented. Specifically, residents of Ondo North Senatorial District can expect fertilizer distribution soon, contributing to local agricultural efforts.


**Is the Senate responsible for the current economic challenges?**


The Senate should not be blamed for these issues. Misunderstandings and media misinformation often misrepresent our actions. For example, recent claims that we appropriated funds to buy an aircraft for the President are false. We only extended a budget to prevent project abandonment, not appropriated additional funds.


**Will the refineries be operational by the end of the year?**


Yes, significant progress has been made. The Port Harcourt Refinery is nearing 95% optimization, Warri is at 80%, and Kaduna is at 70%. The Dangote Refinery is also ready to commence operations. Once these refineries are functional, they will meet internal fuel needs and allow for fuel export, stabilizing foreign exchange. We have personally verified these developments through oversight visits.


**What is your response to claims that federal legislators do not meet their constituencies’ expectations?**


Projects should not be abandoned due to changes in office tenure. Successors should complete ongoing projects for the benefit of the public. In the past year, we have initiated several projects, including installing solar lighting at Adekunle Ajasin University, drilling boreholes in various communities, and distributing palliative items and fertilizers. We have also paid bursaries to around 1,000 students and introduced bills to establish a university of information and communication technology in Ikare Akoko.


We are committed to delivering the dividends of democracy to our local governments and senatorial district. We urge the media to help disseminate information about our efforts to the public.


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