The scary payback format i used to repay my wife what she did to me


The scary payback format i used to repay my wife what she did to me

A social media user has expressed satisfaction on how he repaid his wife for what she did to him.

Using his social media account he wrote

I write this today, with respect to my previous thread, where I did promise I was going to pay my wife back.

Her Sin;
For those who may not recall what she did, she placed a Rock Python inside our WC & watched me scream 2d roof to her amazement.
I recovered and made a promise.
Little did she know the PROMISE would be fulfilled today after many months of oblivion.

I got back this morning from work without the primary intention of doing such, however when I realised how favourable the ambience for such was, I had to perfect my plans immediately.

I wore my newly acquired monastery costume and headed straight for the bedroom where my wife was snoring deeply. grin grin grin
On arriving, I went for her face which was my desired site of action.

Her Response;
I immediately stood still and waited for my shadow to reflect my presence to her.
Lo & behold, the appointed time ensued and there was this thunderous yelling, calling on JESUS to swiftly come for her aid.
No one could have imagined how she would have screamed. But as we may have it, it was so loud and power packed that I had to hold her in assistance because anything could have happened at this time. Neighbors could call 911.

For the fact that I drew closer to assist her, even aggravated the whole matter, as she continued yelling at the sight of this horrendous creature.
At this point I resolved never to attempt such again. grin grin grin grin grin.
Afterwards, she regained sanity and took these pictures of me.


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