Why single ladies are comfortable dating married men

Why single ladies are comfortable dating married men

Why single ladies are comfortable dating married men

It is now normal for single ladies to compete with a married women for their husbands.

This act is no longer an unconscious act, they fully are aware that the man is married with or without kids but some single ladies nowadays see it as a normal thing and the society has also ignorantly or unconsciously accepted it as normal.

This makes me think again that a man doesn’t instigate cheating on his wife, he is only tempted by another lady who is greedy jealous and envious about her fellow woman that is married to a man. Yes, men don’t have the intention to cheat, men are only enticed by the greedy single ladies whose intention is to frustrate their fellow ladies and to fulfil their greedy needs.

Single men rarely mess with a married woman because when the society finds out, it will bring a heavy backlash on the married woman, the society won’t stop reminding her that she cheated on her husband with a single guy but the society normalized a single lady for sleeping with a married man.

Many guys are still single because the single ladies are busy devicing how to get a married man on her bed to fulfil her greed. Many of the single guys are stranded because they can’t approach married women as they respect the sanctity and vow of their marriages.

Below are couple or reasons some single ladies prefer dating married men
For Competition
For Power
To boost Ego
For freedom, no much expectations
For Financial Security
For excitement
For better $3x


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