After 21 Years In US, 9 Years In London, I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge

Oshodi bridge

After 21 Years In US, 9 Years In London, I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge

A Nigerian man, who said he lived abroad for three decades – nine years in Britain, 21 years in America – has narrated how he found himself under the Oshodi Bridge, in Lagos State.

Speaking with a popular Ibadan-based journalist, Oriyomi Hamzat, the man, who broke down intermittently.

According to the man who said he studied Banking and Finance in London, but his travail began after he had a dream where he was flying like an eagle.

In the dream that preceded his strange trip to Nigeria, he said as he flew in the skies like a bird, he saw that he was welcome to Africa and eventually Nigeria.

“I just strangely found myself in Nigeria. I spent nine years in London. I studied Banking and Finance in London. I had struggled a lot. I had a dream like I was flying in the skies,” he said.

“In the dream, I was welcome to the Bahamas. I had been there for a vacation in real life. Then, I saw ‘Welcome to London’. Later, I saw another signpost that said, ‘Welcome to Africa’. After that another one said, ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’ It now became clearer when I started seeing cattle, and ‘molue’ buses, and I woke up.”

The man said the house he built in Akoka, Lagos, was allegedly sold by his brother who chased his wife out of the house.

The man said policemen woke him up under Oshodi bridge one day from where he traced his way to a mountain in Ifo, Ogun State, where he spent six years.

He accused his elder brother of tormenting him and denying him right to his father’s inheritance.

The man also appealed to Nigerians to assist him, saying the child who was five months old when he traveled abroad is now 43 years.

He said the child could not help him because he too needed financial assistance.


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