Lawyer Replies SP Benjamin Hundeyin On Police Brutality

Lawyer Replies SP Benjamin Hundeyin On Police Brutality

A Nigerian Lawyer has Replied SP Benjamin Hundeyin On Police Brutality FCG reports

SP Benjamin Hundeyin had tweeted this:

When the police do random search of people in a crime-prone area and recover guns, it is, ‘Kudos to the police.’

When during a similar search, the searched flips it and makes a scene as a gimmick for getting off, it is, ‘Why are the police harassing young men?’

FCG reported that, Oluwatroy replied him with a story below:

Benjamin let me tell you a story.

Some years ago I lived in a relatively calm part of Lagos Island and I played rugby every Sunday with my younger brother. One evening after the game my brother went to buy bread for my mum, as he walked back to the gate of their house,

Your men rushed at him and threw him into a black Maria truck. He didn’t do anything, just that he was young. Apparently there was a raid of young men going on from street to street. How I found him was that he had his phone with him and he called me to tell me. What had happened

He was in tears and his voice was shaking as we spoke. I had to rush from my apartment and started going from street to street asking people if they’d seen the police vans pass-by. My mum too came out of her own house to search for the boy she had asked to help buy bread.

I went to from street to street and then landed at Lion Building after almost 2 hours of searching on foot. That was where I finally found him. Thank God for my church connections as the Priest came too.

By the time we identified him and pulled him from the crowd, he had bruises

He was visibly shaking and I just thank God that we found him that night. I don’t know if my mum would have been OK if we hadn’t. I know for sure that it left it shaken. By the way, I had an LLM exam to write the next day. Safe to say I flunked that one.

Since then, whenever my brother calls me in the evening or at night I have flashes of that evening. I am terribly scared for him.

@BenHundeyin SARS had to go for reasons such as mine. Police brutality has to stop.

We cannot continue to act like this dysfunction is OK.

I am a Lawyer with almost 10years PQE and I have seen all sorts done by the Police.

Your men can treat people with decency and some respect.

You guys just see young men and women doing well and you immediately assume it is ill-gotten wealth.

You celebrate Majek and Raskimon’s

Dreadlocks but when young men carry it you start to find excuses to search their vehicles.

No law and order, just fire brigade approach to your interactions with people.

Yesterday I witnessed 2 Stop and Search on my way to Ladipo in a 60meter distance. Practically 2 speedbumps

Apart. One was asking for car papers and flagging only clean looking cars. The other less than 60metres away was asking every vehicle for lunch money.

How did either attempt to glorify the image of the Police?

@BenHundeyin stop with the inciting tweets. You are laughing at us.

When nothing is funny.


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