Why women are referred to as ‘Gold’ of the family

Why women are referred to as 'Gold' of the family

Why women are referred to as ‘Gold’ of the family

To the women especially mothers, I really commend your efforts. It takes alot transitioning from a womanhood to motherhood. Also, we know that as much as men provide, women keep the home running. Women have alot to do if a home must be a successful one.

Suffice to say; women can make/ mar a family. The future of your home depends on your woman/ mother of your kids. No wonder a mother is referred to as Gold

Though, It is incontestable that men are the worst hit by economic failure because men are meant to provide but we can’t deny that the fact that some women have taken over the role of husband and they are as much hit like men.

Some men have become irresponsible that the role of provision is being played by the woman. So I guess it is fair we give women the chance to express themselves too.

1. Married women: how are you coping even with the fact that you are supporting their husband as co-provider?

2. Married women: how do you cope with discharging the responsibilities of a man due to your “irresponsible husband” who no longer does he duties as a man. We know they are many. They only drink from money to night and leave their wife working

3. Divorced/ single mothers: How do you cope wíth only you discharging the responsibilities of two people in this biting economy to make sure your kids survive each day?

To all, women doing as much as possible to make sure their children & husband keep moving, , You will smile at the end… Your kids will become great in life and they will take care of you.



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