New innovation cheap electric motorcycles trending in Kenya

New innovation cheap electric motorcycles trending in Kenya

New innovation cheap electric motorcycles trending in Kenya

In Nigeria motorcycle taxis are known as Okada and in East Africa they are known as Boda Boda. Auto rickshaws are known as Keke Marwa or Keke Napep in Nigeria and as Tuk Tuk in Kenya.

Electric motorbikes are gaining ground in Kenya. They used to be more expensive than petrol powered bikes, but a new innovation has made them to become cheaper than petrol bikes. The new development is the swapping station.

Electric motorbikes are now sold without batteries, which makes them cheaper. They now come with battery slots. Riders rent batteries from solar powered swapping stations. These removable and rechargeable batteries can be removed when they are low, placed in a charging cabinet at a swapping station and the rider will simply take a fully charged battery and put it in his bike and be on his way. The cost of renting a battery at a swapping station is not much and riders can pay with their phones. Swapping stations are the new petrol stations.

The only down sides are that more swapping stations need to be built and batteries are not interchangeable (different companies have different types of batteries).

Electric motorbikes are now being built in Kenya. They are being used by delivery services and as motorcycle taxis (boda boda).

According to report by BBC Africa, in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, riders are being encouraged to ditch their old motorbikes for a battery powered version.

Not only are they more affordable, but they’re also better for the environment as they use rechargeable batteries.

Courier Joseph has been testing one out.

Do you own an e-bike? If not, would you consider buying one?

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